Adopt A Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephant

Sumatran elephants need your help! Only few viable populations remain in the wild, and it is absolutely crucial to put all our strenght together to protect them from poaching and poisoning in human-elephant conflicts.

Alex (SECI) is leading Frankfurt Zoological Society's (FZS) elephant conservation project in Bukit Tigapuluh (Central Sumatra), one of the last remaining homes for elephants in Indonesia.

The goal of the project is a PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE BETWEEN SUMATRAN ELEPHANTS AND HUMANS in the region. A central component of the project besides conservation education, community engagement, anti-poaching patrols and community based conflict mitigation is ELEPHANT MONITORING.

Elephants are monitored both remotely using GPS collars and by field teams using radio radio telemetry technique. One elephant in each group was equipmed with a GPS/VHF collar in order to monitor and protect the whole herd.


Elephant bull "Dadang" tranqulized for fitting the GPS/VHF collar, Bukit Tigapuluh, Central Sumtra (on top of the elephant: Pak Nazarrudin, in front: Pak Hidayat, both from Way Kambas elephant conservation camp).


There is minimum one ranger team close to the elephants at any time in order to deter poachers and to safeguard the group from dangerous conflict situation.

Furthermore, by monitoring the movements of the elephants we are able to inform local people whenever elephants approach a village. This early-warning-system helps people to get ready on time to protect their live and livelihood. Less elephant conflict means less reasons to poison or shoot these magnificent animals - the basic conservation strategy for densely populated areas besides anti-poaching patrols.


FZS Elephant Conservation & Conflict Mitigation Unit (ECCMU), Bukit Tigapuluh, Central Sumatra. In order to be able to reach even the remotes areas the team is equiped with off-road motorcycles.


You can help us to support anti-poaching and elephant monitoring teams by adopting one of currently five collared elephants - Anna, Bella, Cinta, Dadang or Elena.

In order to minimize administration costs elephant adoptions are only available via our Australian partner organization, the Internation Elephant Project (IEP).

For a direct link to the elephant adoption program please click here.



Help these critical endangered elephants survive!!!



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