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All elephant conservation projects need to be supported by a great many people to be successful. Without local tolerance and worldwide support there will be no future for the remaining giant forest dwellers. However, it is obvious that in most cases good will alone will not be enough to save the elephants and their habitat. Conservation projects depend on motivated, experienced people AND money.

Our administrative costs of about 300 Euro/year are extremely low. We guarantee that every cent of your donation will directly support elephant conservation projects.

Also small donations will make a difference, for example:

30 € = a pair of ranger boots

50 € = food supply for one ranger per month

100 € = ranger salary per month

250 € = one GPS unit, essential equipment for research and anti-poaching teams

800 € = keeps one research and anti-poaching unit (4 rangers) in the field for one month

1300 € = one motorcycle (a good used one) necessary to move quickly enough to be effective even in difficult terrain


Please make a donation using the following bank details:


..Sumatran Elephant Conservation Initiative
..Account Number / Kontonnummer:                    226243704
..Bank Identification Number / Bankleitzahl:         69291000
..Bank Name / Name des Kreditinstituts:              Volksbank

..IBAN: DE93692910000226243704     BIC/SWIFT: GENODE61RAD


If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you very much!!!


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