Alexander Markus Moßbrucker

Alex has loved nature since his early childhood and spent much of his life exploring and enjoying it. Since 2008 his focus has been on Sumatran elephants and elephant conservation related research. He currently lives in Indonesia and works in close cooperation with the Frankfurt Zoological Society. Alex is a founding member of SECI and carries out the functions of president and scientific expert - the driving force behind our young initiative.

"Elephants are one of the few non-domesticated animals with which we are able to build up strong personal relationships. When studying elephants I often have the feeling that not only am I trying to understand them, but they are doing the same with me, It´s just great! For me, elephants are the most exciting and fascinating animals on earth and I am not willing to watch them die down here in Sumatra with my arms crossed and my mouth shut. Besides my personal feelings for elephants I believe that elephant conservation is important because their huge requierements in terms of space and their popularity make them a perfect flagship species for nature conservation. Saving elephant habitat will automatically save the habitat for many other endangered species such as Sumatran tigers, Sumatran orangutans, and clouded leopards, and all our efforts will help protect the remaining precious and highly diverse Sumatran lowland forest itself. It is possible to stop the ongoing destruction of the remaining wildlife and wild areas, but we have to act now and put all our strength in it." (Alexander Moßbrucker, 2010)



Ewa Jaskiewicz, founding member, Poland & Germany. Ewa is a professional graphic designer and helped tremendously with the creation and design of the SECI website. In her free time she loves to take a stroll in the forests and to support conservation projects aiming at protecting her favourite places of leisure.


Andrea Klink, founding member, Germany. Andrea loves nature and spends much of her free time actively helping to protect it.


Matthias Moßbrucker, founding member, Germany. Matthias supports SECI in many ways. He recently came to Indonesia and volunteered in one of the ongoing projects.


Heidi & Bernd Moßbrucker, founding members, Germany. Bernd & Heidi are running the SECI office in Germany. As a lawyer, Bernd is dealing with SECIs legal issues.


Marc Wieland, founding member, Germany. Marc is among other things an expert in GIS and supports SECIs work as a voluntary consultant.


Amanda Fernie, PhD, member since 2010, Australia. Amanda supports SECI by assisting with grant applications and reports.


Erin O´Neil, member since 2010, New Zealand. Erin supports SECI projects as a voluntary consultant.


Daniel Noble, member since 2010, Australia. Daniel works in Perth Zoo and supports elephant conservation by sharing his experience and knowledge.










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